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Friday, October 8, 2010

thank god it's friday

  1. My favorite lip balm from EOS.  It's 95% organic, 100% natural, and packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E.  I believe they have 4 or 5 other flavors (I got the honey suckle honeydew -- in case you were wondering)
  2. Just a little reminder.  It's crazy how something simple can brighten up your day.  It's usually the little things that matter the most. Right?
  3. That cute 'lil dog is Sammy. 
  4. Sunday nights at the boy's house means beer and chicken (ha! kidding... well sometimes) but it's HBO's programming (aka True Blood, aka Boardwalk Empire -- you know the deal).  Peter Klaven said it best, "It's not TV, it's HBO... Have you ever watched Sunday night programming on HBO? It's spectacular"

and last but not least...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER CYD. aka Psycho Cyd. aka Cyd Vicious. Enjoy your day. We still need to finish up that movie we were watching the other night (thanks for falling asleep by the way) =P ♥

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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  1. Happy Birthday Cyd!!! Love u! U r so grown =( *tear* well Anna I'm diggin what u r saying... It's the little things that matter on a minimal basis not all the time. And I wanna try ur lip balm lol well not YOURS. hehe


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