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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Juice Cleanse


So after the holidays, I've decided to try out this "juice cleanse" from BluePrint -- you know, to clean out my system, and all.  It's 100% raw/organic and all that good stuff.. But I gotta tell yah, the first day was pretty hard especially for someone like me who loves to eat!
A couple of people have asked me if I lost weight from it and that would be a 'no'.  I mean I only did the cleanse for 3 days.  However, I did drop a couple lbs in those 3 days (probably water weight nothing too crazy).   The first drink (green juice) was not what I expected at all.  When I took my first sip, i thought it tasted a bit like tamarind.  My least favorite is the beet juice.  I mean it was tolerable but it took me about 30 mins to finish it.  And last but not least, the Cashew Milk - which is the last drink of the day is by far the best tasting one out all of them.  It's like drinking desert. Drinks 2 and 4 are pretty refreshing I might add.  Aside from it being super pricey, it's pretty good.  Maybe i'll try the Coffee Cashew next time..


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